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Nokia Top

Nokia Top

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Nokia top is an early 00’s inspired corset type cropped tube top, knitted in stretchy
garter stitch with an i-cord detail framing the upper edge. The top is worked flat in
separate panels that are assembled while knitting with crochet seams. This versatile piece can be worn on its own as well as layered over other shirts. The Nokia top is a quick and fun knit, suitable for all levels of knitters. Great project to get creative with scrap yarn!

Level of difficulty: Easy


1 (2) 3 (4) 5 (6)


Circumference (without stretching): 45 (55) 60 (70) 80 (90) cm [17.75 (21.5) 23.5 (27.5)
31.5 (35.5) in]
Length approximately: 23 (23) 24 (24) 24 (26) cm [9 (9) 9.5 (9.5) in]


Nokia Top is designed to have approximately 30-35 cm [12-13.75 in] of negative ease to fit close to the body. Garter stitch is very stretchy so if you are between sizes it’s recommended to size down.

The sizes 1 (2) 3 (4) 5 (6) correspond to the bust circumference of approx. 75 (80-85) 90-
95 (100-105) 110- 115 (120-125) cm [30 (32-34) 36-38 (40-42) 44-46 (48-50) in]


150 (150) 200 (200) 250 (250) g Fine Merino, Majo Garn, 175 m = 50 g (Fine: 2 / Sport / 15 WPI)

25 (25) 50 (50) 50 (50) g Pearl Mohair, Majo Garn, 210 m = 25 g (Lace: 0) 50 g Malou, Lang Yarns, 65 m = 50 g (Bulky: 6 / Chunky / 6 WPI)

Or corresponding alternatives.

The knitted panels for the sample top are worked with 3 strands held together: 2 strands of sport weight merino and 1 strand of lace weight mohair. The seams are worked with a single strand of bulky yarn.


18 sts = 10 cm [4 in] in garter stitch

The top is knitted in panels that will be seamed together vertically. This means that
in the finished garment your stitches are rows. In other words: The given gauge in
stitches indicates length, when wearing the top.


5mm [US 8] circular needles / cable length: 60 cm [24 in] or longer


- Similar size crochet hook (4.5-5.0 mm [US7-H8]) for seaming
- Prym Elastic sewing thread (0.5 mm) for finishing


The Nokia top consists of several separate panels that are worked flat (back and forth
on circular needles) in garter stitch and connected with crochet seams as you go. Each panel has an incorporated i-cord edge on one end for the upper edge for the top.

Once you have reached the required width, you will seam the first and the last panels
together to make a tube.

The last part is optional, but recommended:
After you have weaved in all ends, crochet a row or two of elastic sewing thread on the
upper edge (wrong side) of your top using the slip stitch crochet method, right below
the i-cord edge. This will ensure that the top stays up and won’t slide down. This part
includes a video tutorial.


Enjoy this free download and happy knitting!

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